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ManiFEST 2018

Dreams become ManiFEST...

ManiFEST 2018 came together with true Grace in less than 12 weeks.   

It was a festival of love, connection, healing, inspiration and Magic that surpassed all expectations. 

It was more incredible than the Dream and was a testimony to the miracles of Conscious Co-Creating - and to the stunning power of the field that is created when we connect in the heart energy. 

What people said:

"Never felt so much."

— Paren Devji


ManiFEST is a powerfully inspiring Story.  It was a leap of Faith.  ManiFEST was Manifested in essentially three months. At the time that Tash Kelly launched this Website,  virtually no-one knew about the Festival, she had no backing and no idea how this event would happen.  That was part of the point... it was about trusting a Dream and watching as life unfolded to support it. 


Miracles and Magic unfolded: Hundreds of incredible people, with similar heart centred dreams came together to co-create this phenomenal, life-changing event.  The perfect person at the perfect time with the perfect skill.  Land turned up, structures, artists, healers, truck operators, electricians.... so much.... and beyond the 3D realm - there were many profound experiences to suggest this Festival was Spirit Led.  We were all merely heeding the joyous call of Spirit in true co-creation. 


ManiFEST is a testimony to how we can trust our Dreams as the calling of something bigger than ourselves.  

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