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Please PRINT YOUR TICKETS and bring them with you. 



Camping Gates Open: 1:00pm

No access to Festival site until Opening Ceremony.  So set up camp - say hello to your neighbours and await further instructions!  Basic food and drinks will be available in the campsite and Peter Sharp will be  bringing some Tunes.


Ceremony Begins at 5:30pm (Please wear white if you can)

IF YOU ARE LATE: You are absolutely welcome to join... please just come in quietly as we will have started sacred ceremony.  


Festival Concludes: 2:00pm


*  BRING CASH for Food & Drink Vendors, Artisan Markets, Healing Sessions

*  Total Fire Ban

*  BYO Camping and Water

*  No Wifi, Internet or Phone Reception

ManiFEST is a 100% drug & alcohol free event. Together we will be accessing the highest versions of ourselves through many healing activities and experiences. We invite you to come with an open mind and leave with a full heart by participating to whatever level is in your joy for the weekend. No pressure, only love.


We are blessed to be sharing this unified Dreaming on beautiful, pristine private land in Harvey Shire. As we gather our hearts together we intend to unify our collective heartbeat with the heartbeat of our mother earth. We will leave this land physically pristine and energetically charged.

Caring for Yourself and the Land

  • Bring enough drinking water (approximately 10-15L/ person) and carry a re-usable water bottle with you throughout the festival.

  • Feel free to bring your own food to prepare or enjoy the amazing Vege Mama food van onsite that will include vegetarian food, coffee, chai & juices for purchase. We urge you to bring a re-usable cup, plate or bowl and cutlery to further minimise waste. Bring enough cash for this as there will be no ATM’s onsite.

  • Please note there is NO POWER or cooking facilities onsite and there is a Total Fire Ban at this time of year. Prepare and bring appropriate food for these conditions.

  • There are toilets provided but no showers, however a swim in the spring fed dam will leave you feeling fresher than any shower! Feel free to bring a solar shower or simply get back to nature for the weekend.

  • Bring your own Garbage bags to your campsite and take home absolutely everything you brought with you. Minimise plastics where you can and recycle as much as possible. Let us honour this land we are here to bless.

  • Make sure you have clothing for both hot, cold and wet weather throughout the festival as temperatures drop significantly in the evening.



Safety Considerations

  • We are blessed to have access to a 3 spring fed swimming hole. Please note that it is unfenced so please ASSUME 100% RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN at all times, especially when near the water.

  • Be prepared for the elements. It can be hot during the day and cold at night. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring clothing, rain protection and extra warmth to reflect this. There is very limited shade in the camping or festival area. BYO shade and sun protection. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Bring mosquito repellent. Be mindful that it is snake season so please take extra precaution in the surrounding bush lands.

  • There is a TOTAL FIRE BAN at this time of year. Absolutely no Fires will be permitted.

  • We strongly suggest you bring your own First Aid Kit however there will be paramedics on site.

  • NO DOGS or pets are permitted at any part of ManiFEST.

  • Bring a Torch for each person as the festival site can become very dark at night. Head torches are a great choice for travelling between the campsite and festival grounds.

  • There is wheel chair access however the site is composed of natural terrain and thus there may not be full access to all areas.



Getting there

The address is  332 Oldham Road Mornington

Allow approximately 2 hours driving time from Perth heading South on the Kwinana Freeway.


Link to google maps:


Start the conversation for Car Pooling ASAP on the ManiFEST Facebook event page. Road trips are more fun when shared with tribe :)


Arrival & Opening Ceremony

Gates to the Campsite open at 1pm Friday

You will be shown the way at the entry gate. There will only be access to the campsite until the Opening Ceremony. Take this time to settle in to your campsite and prepare for a shift in consciousness! The campsite will have food and drinks available for sale at this time.


The Opening Ceremony starts at 5:30pm and will run through to 9pm. During this time none of the stalls will be open. Please make sure you have eaten dinner before the Opening Ceremony begins.

***Please dress in WHITE for the Opening Ceremony***

We all enter the festival site together, you will be guided each step of the way. We will be holding NOBLE SILENCE throughout the entire opening ceremony.


Please prepare yourself and your children for this truly magical experience.


Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony is from 12pm-2pm Sunday

Again no stalls will be open during ceremony so please have a full tummy before we start



You will be shown the way to the camping site when you enter through the gates. Find your own preferred spot & set up. Camping next to your parked car is OK. There is also day parking area nearby if you wish to camp away from your car.


Community Co-Creation

ManiFEST is a community co-creation. There are many opportunities to share your gifts over the weekend. Here are a few:


  • Artisans Market  - ANYONE can bring their hand made wares (absolutely nothing commercial) and sell them on a rug in the designated Bazaar space at any time.

  • Art Exhibition  - Feel free to bring your own art to be displayed and sold.

  • Weaving Wisdom Tent  - 15 minute slots for ANYONE to share your wisdom, interests, poetry etc.

  • Busking Space - An invitation to bring your own musical instruments and contribute your gifts


For more information about the co-creation spaces, please contact


Festival Schedule

Please note this is subject to change and an information board for each days events will be up each day at the Chill and Chai space.



This is a shared journey building a collective field of energy together. There are 4 specific moments over the festival where EVERYONE is encouraged to come together for a unified experience. You will be gathered and ushered by specific music and beings of beauty half an hour before these particular events. Keep your eyes and ears open to this magic and allow yourself to be drawn in to the mystery.



 What to Bring  

  • Hot and cold weather clothing and extra warmth

  • Plenty of drinking water

  • Sun protection; hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

  • Bathers & towel

  • Re-Usable cup, bowl and cutlery

  • Garbage Bags

  • Plenty of Cash (no ATM’s onsite) for food, stalls, massages etc.

  • First Aid Kit; mosquito repellant, fly protection

  • Torch

  • Personal Toiletries

  • Any hand made wares or art to display and sell in the bazaar

  • An open mind, kindness and a willingness to participate :)



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