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Conscious Creating & Dreaming Festival

HARVEY W.A. NOV 30 - DEC 2 2018

Tribe | Music | Magic

**Please View this Website on your LAPTOP or PC for the Full experience & details of Festival & Performers**

Dreams become ManiFEST


The creation of ManiFEST was intended to be a testimony to the power of Conscious Creating/Dreaming.  It was an intentional leap of Faith - the purpose was to trust a Dream and show what's possible. To dare greatly.


Miracles and Magic unfolded: And in under three months, hundreds of incredible people, with similar heart centred dreams, came together to co-create what turned out to be a phenomenal event - The perfect person at the perfect time with the perfect skill turned up:  stunning land, structures, artists, healers, truck operators, electricians, speakers.... and so much more. 


There were also many profound experiences along the way to suggest the Festival was Spirit Led.  We were all merely heeding the joyous call of Spirit in true co-creation. 


ManiFEST is a testimony to how we can trust our Dreams as the calling of something bigger than ourselves.  


The next big dreams


ManiFEST has been a stepping stone to the next big Dreams: The Gathering & The 2020 Vision.  Keep up to date at The Dreaming.

We are very excited to co-create Magic again with all of you beautiful Dreamers. 


Lots of LOVE, 



ManiFEST 2018

What people said:​

"Never felt so much."

— Paren Devji




ManiFEST is a pioneering Gathering of conscious community, exploring the profound possibilities of

Who We Truly Are

A transformational weekend weaving inspirational talks, guided conscious creating, shamanic elements, workshops, stunning music and more into a journey of expansion, healing & magic.  

Come and Connect with this moment, the land, each other and Limitless You.



To build Conscious Community - Connect The Tribe - in Celebration & Inspiration.


To Share the knowledge of Shamans, Wisdom Keepers/Indigenous Lore, Ancient Teachings from many cultures, and the experience of everyday people living these teachings - all pointing to the same profound truth: we are creators and there is a shift happening now - We are Awakening. 


To Dream for ourselves and for the Planet.  Strengthening this unified Field of intention of A New Earth: Healing, Peace & Love for All. 


To create an immersion in the healing power of SOUND - the building blocks of Creation. Music, Singing, Sounding, Chanting... all to heal, align & tune you to higher frequencies.



To create Magic in your Life.  

It is our intention that this weekend literally changes your World.  You will be guided to conjure your highest vision version of reality and be it - live it - feel it - for three days.  A powerful Conscious Creating practice that will be amplified by the strength of the group Field.  As you emanate more of your 'true self' in this way, your World will shift.  This is the power of Who You Are. 

 It is our intention that you will see changes in your External World: grace and synchronicities flowing in,  doors opening, the beginning wisps of your dreams becoming tangible.  Those that know you will be touched by the magic in your World, building their faith also.  You are the seeds of change, the way seers and pioneers. Those like you, who are willing to open to these radical old teachings - to live them - to BE the change and show the power - are at the leading edge of this shift in consciousness.


To take time out of the Matrix and connect with the EARTH & Spirit. There is so much unfolding with this Festival that is reminding us of the necessity of connecting with our Mother - aligning ourselves with her energy. 

She is awakening. 


The highest vibrations are GRATITUDE and JOY and these are the focus of this Festival.  So there will be Plenty of high Vibe Music, Dance, Connective Games,  Great Food, Water Activities & Pop up Surprises to keep you vibing. :)


"Life was meant to be Fun!" Abraham Hicks




There is a complex weave of people, places and teachings that are coming together with divine synchronicity to create something beyond our dreams.  Those of us involved in the organisation feel Spirit Led.  We feel this festival is meant to happen - that it is beyond us - that the land, the spirits, higher beings want this Gathering now for very important and beautiful reasons and we are the brushes being guided and inspired to act and speak for this piece in the grand plan. 


Original wisdom

We have the honour of sharing this ancient land, Gondwana Land, with the most ancient culture.  There is brand new evidence to suggest that the Australian Aboriginal people were the Original people of all of Mother Earth - that language, culture and ceremony were birthed here.  And the Wisdom and knowing of all of the ages are in their stories, songs and  ceremonies.  Their teachings are profound.  The Original people lived multidimensionally with technology based around energy and 'seeing' far beyond our understanding. 

They teach us to walk the path of "Love & Truth".


Every offering at this event, the workshops & music, the incredible speakers, the land and food, was chosen with strong intention - designed to nurture, inspire and expand you into possibilities.  You will naturally shift in to the frequencies of love, acceptance, gratitude & possibilities... the frequencies that allow MAGIC to flow into your World.  You don't have to 'do'... you can just 'be' and soak and allow...let it Flow.

We are playing in the profound - working with the energy that creates Worlds - 

The energy that flows through us, that is us.  What can we create when we come together as many, with powerful heart-centred intentions?


The Field Will Be PULSING




Drug & Alcohol Free

Children under 15 Attend for Free

$180pp Early Bird (On Sale Now - $222 Full Price)

$140 DAY PASS ($180 Full Price - Includes Saturday & Sunday)

Harvey Shire (2 hrs South of Perth)


Reveal Magic, Miracles & Mystery

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A Feast for the Soul

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Plus stunning Guided Journeys into the World of your Imagination

Change your world from the inside out

Neo Shaman, Modern Mystic, Musician. With 30 years of consciousness research and an extraordinary life, DarPan creates a unique transmission that enlivens & transforms. 

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Renowned troubadour. 15 years travelling the world sowing seeds of inspiration as a sacred song carrier. Music to sweep you off your feet, out of your head, and into your heart. 

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Murray Kyle
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Wyld Tribe

Ancient, sacred & shamanic chants that awaken our memory and inner knowing so that we can live more fully into the truth of who we are.  The voices of Tribe - an ancient resonance that enlivens, heals & awakens..

Well respected teacher & consumate musician.  30 years of spiritual exploration & conscious study - empowering others through facilitating a reconnection with their true nature.

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Jarah Tree
The Land

In the beautiful shire of Harvey, (2hrs south of Perth) this large private property is surrounded by bushland.  At it's centre is a cool, clear waterhole, feed by three natural springs.  The waters are said to be healing and rejuvenating - so bring your swimmers, your beach umbrella, and your awesome water toys and meet for a Chai, Chill & Soak. 

Speakers | Workshops | Artists
& More...

The speakers, musicians and artists for this Festival are true Visionaries and Dreamers - already powerfully shifting consciousness - holding the light for us to step up into the New World - New Paradigms - the New Earth. 


Sound: The Building Blocks of Creation.

A stunning line up of various musicians, instruments and offerings - from piano & cello, to drums, didge & crystal bowl.  Uplifting, high frequency & healing.  

Tribal, Medicinal.



Plus Live DJ's, Ecstatic Dance and and even a bit of blues

You Will Soar


The event is a camping weekend with BYO everything.  However, there will be delicious, healthy options for food available from a few vendors - plus a Chai/Chill out space and, of course...Hot, smooth Coffee!

(Fresh drinking water will also be available)


This is a weekend of grass-roots camping under the stars. 

It's BYO Everything. 

The land has a slope and camping is in a Paddock.  Please bring Shade for your site. And a big request!: Please also bring Beach Umbrellas for around the water, and mats, beanbags or chairs to help cosy up the chill and chai space :) ManiFEST is a Co-Creation.


(There is no electricity, showers or running water)

Portable Toilets Provided & Fresh Drinking Water Available

(Please note: this is fire season - NO Fires)


This event is for YOU.  To help you open to the Mystery & Magic that you are... to trust yourself... to connect with what brings you joy... to find gratitude and awe for this life and the possibilities of Who We Truly Are... to shift your world from the inside out. 


Come and just be you.

If you want to: SHARE YOUR LIGHT & BRING YOUR CREATIVE ARTS.  For the Community Artisans Market and Art Exhibition contact


Share your passion, knowledge, poetry, voice at the "Weaving Wisdom" Tent.  15 minutes slots available.  Simply write your name in a slot on the weekend.


BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS - Sing, sound, jam, connect. 



Meet like-minded people and help make this Festival GREAT.


We are organising a fantastic exchange to honour our Volunteers.  Festivals don't run without YOU.  Along with FREE ENTRY we will also be giving a FREE One Day Workshop on Conscious Creating & Dreaming, exclusive to the Volunteers. In exchange for 8 hours of support over the festival weekend.

Open to possibilities...

ManiFEST 2018

Dreaming in New Worlds...



"We are standing on the cusp, on the verge of a phenomenal leap in consciousness...It is the Flowering of Consciousness.

We are about to open up and free our imagination into realms we can't even imagine right now.

Once the chains of erroneous conditioning have been broken, then the possibility for a truly miraculous unfolding of the full potential of a multi-dimensional creative human being is possible."


A conversation with DarPan

Event Co-Ordinator

Event Co-ordinator

Forest Trees
Fire Circle Gathering (The House) (EMAIL


Dreaming in a Festival

Mid 2017, in the little Tuesday Dreaming circles I run, our task (just for fun) was to dream into the most exciting thing that we could imagine happening in our World.

For several Tuesdays, I dreamed that I was working with the most powerful Shamans, Healers, Musicians & Visionaries on the Planet & together we created phenomenal events to help shift Consciousness.

“If you tell them it came to pass because you simply imagined it – no, they will point to the series of events that led up to it, and they will give credit to the bridge of incidents, across which you walked towards the fulfillment of that state, and they will point out some physical thing that was the cause. No, the cause is invisible, for the cause is God, and God is invisible to the mortal eye.”

Neville Goddard

There is no bigger premise than the premise of this festival: that you are God source energy in a physical body, you are eternal, and you are creator.  Here to experience, expand and create - to know who you are.  As you master your state of being - as you spend more time as the clear, true you - you can let down the barriers, let go of the constriction and TRUST - allow the energy that creates worlds to flow through you.  Let the trail of your joy light up.

Let life in.  Live with more peace, appreciation, awe and Magic. 

Remembering Who We Truly Are

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