4D Empty

“4D Empty” combine sparse psychedelic, acoustic, electronic modes and combines them with expansive, progressive arrangements to create a sound that is as dynamic as the subjects covered in its content. Visuals enhance the experience with our chosen projection screen being nature its self.


Alternately subdued, uplifting and yet always emotive. An often times cinematic sound, that combines genres, 4D Empty brings together the strengths of both electronic and acoustic music culminating in a rousing and inspiring listening and live audio visual experience.


4D Empty take influence from unpredictable, fluid and epic arrangements from various medicine circles, world music, ethnic musical ritualistic practices , while simultaneously displaying sonic textures affiliated with expanding your perception and, at times, the cinematic feel of scored sound sets. Meditative instruments and elements are used, creating distinct ethereal atmospheres, breaking with convention.


With all these elements combined, still at the core 4D Empty, is social responsibility.


4D Empty was first conceived in Perth, Western Australia on the 15th of July by producers Glen Dimech and Malcolm Clark. Currently based In Perth (AU) 4D Empty’s objective is to connect honestly and unrestricted through music and Visual media. Its important that we share our experiences reciprocally, openly and as comfortable as possible. 4D Empty doesn't believe this can be done without removing some of those life time personal filters that keep us from saying and some times thinking what we want while also expanding our awareness and consciousness. 4D Empty is proactively trying to create this environment with it's Visual and musical representation of how the world looks through our eyes.


Scientifically aware and spiritually aware, 4D Empty hopes to be an beacon of awareness and creative expansion. 4D Empty will not tolerate inequality of any kind and will convey any information when ever possible to bring us all to the same place, together as friends of the planet and each other. If you share these values would you please join us on our journey and make contact.

And So It Begins...