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Meet the Team

Tash Kelly - Conscious Creating & Dreaming

Tash is a Conscious Dreamer.  She  creates workshops and community events based in remembering Who We Truly Are and creating our Highest Vision Versions of Reality.  She holds powerful sacred space of transformation and connection and  facilitates journeys into the imagination - Dreaming - where Miracles are seeded.  Her greatest passion is exploring these new paradigms and sharing the awe and Magic with other conscious dreamers.  Her ultimate Dream is a New Earth - A New Eden -  through awakened consciousness. 

Tash facilities Workshops on Tantra, Sacred Sexuality & Conscious Creating regularly in Perth, W.A.

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Bonnie Farrell - DI Meditation, Catharsis and Women's Release/Empowerment

Bonnie is a dedicated dreamer, embodying and coaching manifestation work in her life, this event being one of her biggest.

Rites of passage is Bonnie's main passion and modality. She is a Level 2 Rites of Passage (ROP) Leadership Facilitator, trained with the ROP institute.

The transformation witnessed first hand of herself and each person that goes on ROP journey's can be life changing. 

Also a holistic life coach and yoga teacher, mentored by her mother a true yogini with 40 years experience and devotion to yogic practice, Bonnie brings her ability to create and hold safe sacred space, bringing forward her knowledge of the yogic way.

Bonnie will be offering unique experiences combining her modalities diving into mind, body and soul.

Bhavani Naea - Passionate Singer, Musician & Voice Facilitator

With more than 25yrs experience as a vocalist and a strong commitment to living her truest expression, Bhavani has developed a unique gift and passion for creating a safe, welcoming, non- judgemental space for others to explore their own voice and authentic expression.


Bhavani will be holding a women’s Song Circle over the weekend, encouraging full expression and will be leading the chants during the Ceremony.

Ajay Hawkes - Somatic Self Inquiry & Movement

Ajay is an experienced somatic psychotherapist, trained in Hakomi, who works with embodied mindfulness. He has spent 25 years exploring meditation and personal growth work. 

He will be offering movement practices and somatic self enquiry to help you access your innate intelligence and to unlock old beliefs and patterns. We will also be working with breath to open up the chakra system.

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Mila Rose - Embodied Dance Movement

Mila Rose has been delving into the world of embodied movement for nearly ten years. Yoga teacher, Contact Improvisation facilitator, student of Body-Mind Centering, her passion lies in exploring and guiding others in somatic movement. This weekend Mila will take us on a journey deep into the spectrum of expression living within the body.

How do we access new pathways for creativity’s flow through us?

How can we hold space for all of our qualities to find agency in the world?

Come play!


Details of more men facilitators coming soon.


An authentic and inspiring group of Men with a joint intention to hold space and facilitate Men to embrace their true selves - beyond expectation, roles & being "manly". Brothers honouring the Masculine and Feminine essence - Embodying presence, truth and the strength of Vulnerability.  

Divine Masculine

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